Pay Per Click

PPC Services

Whether you’re looking for long term management of your full digital presence or need help to manage your social media accounts or digital advertising, we take the stress out of managing your online presence so you can get on with running your business. Inbound Marketing is a focused approach for attracting customers through relatable and relevant content, to add value at every stage of the customer journey. We provide a holistic approach to performance marketing. Our PPC and Paid Social teams work closely together to create strategies that go hand in hand with each other, to drive traffic through to the site and increase conversions.

We specialise in both organic and paid social to ensure your website shows up as high as possible when potential customers are searching for keywords and phrases related to your business. From auditing current campaigns through to initial set up and ongoing management we have you covered. From Google Analytics through to Tag Manager, we will set up and closely monitor your results to help us quickly and effectively increase your site’s performance. Our campaigns incorporate different messaging and ad formats at each stage of the buyer’s journey across multiple channels. Pay Per Click advertising offers various campaign types which can be utilised to increase the exposure of your brand.

Google Search Ads

Utilising the Search Network, we design campaigns using text-based ads which trigger for search terms related to your targeted keyword. Making an efficient use of Ad extensions, we ensure the best information is delivered to your customers at the right time, whether it’s an active promotion, a contact number or with extensions.

Google Display Ads

Utilising the Display Network, our campaigns reach new customers or engage with existing ones. Audience targeting allows us to reach users who are most likely to be interested in your brand. A combination of strong imagery and captivating copy by our expert team creates responsive adverts which draw the attention of viewers. Displays Ads reach your customer earlier in the buying cycle and expose them to your brand before they begin looking for your services.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Reach new customers and provide them with key information about your products before they click onto your website with Google Shopping Campaigns. Using Google Merchant Centre and Google Ads, we can create comprehensive shopping campaigns to promote both your online and local inventory to customers searching online. We start by sending product data to Google through Merchant Centre, and then create shopping campaigns through Google Ads using that data. Shopping Ads allow for crucial seller information to be put across to the user sooner, allowing them to decide if the product is what they’re looking for and within their budget before they’ve even click on the Ad. Meaning that the traffic that does reach your website is of higher value with a greater chance of converting


Remarketing Campaigns

We help generate high value traffic with custom remarketing campaigns, by creating custom audiences based from users who’ve had previous interactions with your website. Whether the aim of your ads is to drive sales, increase registrations or build brand awareness, remarketing can help your as get in front of the right users at the right time. Using custom audiences, we can deliver ads to the users based on their prior interactions with your website. Remarketing campaigns work well in reminding them that your business has what they’re looking for.

Pay Per Click Checklist:

Google Search Ads.
PPC ads.
Google ads.
Google Shopping Campaigns.
Remarketing Campaigns.