Press Release Writing

Press Release writing

A positive first impression goes a long way toward facilitating a successful relationship. If your business achieves a breakthrough or wishes to announce a new business development, a well-communicated press release would be the audience’s first experience of the news. As a result, having a press-savvy content writing agency that can easily convey this information to the press while keeping an acceptable tone and leaving the viewer happy is critical.

Professional press release writing necessitates the development of factually accurate internal and external business correspondence materials. This poses several difficulties, particularly in terms of the copy’s authenticity and consistency. Content Specialist’s skilled press release writing services assist companies and individuals in creating and sharing the appropriate details most professionally and understandably possible.

We have a team of journalists who write press releases in English and Arabic. We provide bilingual excellence in critical thought and press release writing, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of Arab culture and legacy, as well as our insight into the Arab consumer. Our press release writers know how to communicate with the media and aspire to provide the news and information engagingly to achieve full, tailored exposure. We are experienced in producing competent bilingual press releases, business news, blogs, and newsletters that follow a sound PR approach. Our team consists of working and retired journalists who have worked with the world’s prestigious publications and news agencies.

Press Release Checklist:
Newsworthy press release creation.
English and Arabic press release writing.
Right format of press release.
Neutral voice.
Quick turnaround.
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