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Content Specialist is driven by a passion for social content and influencer marketing. We help businesses engage with their audiences in natural and meaningful ways by developing stand-out content that is amplified by influencers and sponsored social. Our grasp of young marketing and creative content is a tried-and-true strategy for capturing the attention of audiences.

Influencer marketing is the pinnacle of scaled peer-to-peer referral. Influencers are the young market’s celebs. Every influencer has his or her own engaged audience, from the micro to the macro scale, providing brands with a platform to engage.

We design tailored campaigns with genuine, social creators and influencers of all sizes to generate conversions and discussions.


We handle all parts of an influencer marketing campaign, from creative concepts and influencer selection through content activation and reporting.


We keep an eye on all influencer material to make sure it’s on course for success. We analyse the performance of our campaigns, concentrating on attention, action, and ROI, thanks to our in-house data team.


We have the resources and technologies to properly evaluate the demographics and validity of an influencer’s following, so you don’t have to worry about bad targeting, bots, or fake followers.


We are masters in establishing and sustaining partnerships with some of the world’s top creative influencers. Our Influencer list includes everyone from micro-influencers to social superstars and celebrities.


We design custom seeding programs to get your product in front of the relevant influencers. We establish brand affinity at a low cost.

Influencer Marketing Checklist:

Influencer Campaign Management.
Influencer Campaign Analytics.
Influencer Campaign Activation.
Influencer Management.
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