Public Relations

Public Relations

Media relations inform consumers of your brand’s products, services, mission, values and identity via media channels that they trust. Press coverage is visible evidence of your brand’s news being interesting enough to be the focus of a newspaper or magazine article and, therefore, to the public. Media relations have an edge over advertising due to these reasons-

  • Positive publicity, through a journalist or quoted source strengthens the credibility of your brand.
  • There is more credibility in positive media coverage than with paid advertising
  • The cost of coverage in the news media is substantially lower than the cost of advertising.

We know how to make a press release newsworthy and have built a reputation as an agency that provides trustworthy and exciting content to journalists across UAE. We know the media; we understand the challenges and have probably written about your industry before. Many of the campaigns we run for our clients are integrated campaigns that go beyond traditional media relations. Our clients recognize the convenience of having one team that can support not only earned media, but also owned and paid, along with amazing visual and text content. We remove the hassle of coordinating with multiple agencies and put the focus on impactful campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Public Relations Checklist:

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Public relations
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