Content Writing Training

Content Writing Training

Master content writing of any kind: short or long, business or informal, for readers or for customers, through our online content writing training. Be it a crisp and interesting listicle, or a social media post that goes viral, playing with the right words, the right way is the key to getting it right. Get trained by international industry experts and make use of impactful content for your brand or take up the courses to make a career in professional writing.

Take a look at the topics we cover in our web content training:

Article: Articles are textual information, often accompanied by media and infographics that are published in print or digitally for an audience to consume. Learn how to write engaging articles, be it news, academic analysis, or research results. Learn everything from the basics to the industry best practices.

Blog: Blogs are like articles but more informal, conversational. We train you in blogging, how to express yourself informally in written word, and publish your own work.

Web Page: Website content writing with relevant SEO keywords’ insertion.

Business Listing: Pack a punch with your business listing before you make it live for the masses to view. Learn all the dos and don’ts of a professional business listing with our professional team.

Academic Writing: A non-fiction piece of text that’s written in a formal tone, we will train you to write exceptional academic articles with precision.

E-Book: In today’s world when e-paper is conveniently replacing paperbacks with apps like Kindle, Kobo, etc, we teach you how to capitalize on your e-book writing skills.

Ad Copy: Ad copy is the niche for you if you’re a natural with quips and catchy tag lines. Every business heavily depends on ad copy to market them well and attract a huge array of customers. Learn how to write for your target audience and successfully convert them into customers.

Product Description: Striking product descriptions require power words to increase the conversion and boost sales. Learn how to add extra oomph and charm to products in their descriptions.

Press Release: Press releases are quite the branding tool and we don’t want you to waste the slightest chance to market an event like a merger or acquisition, product launch, partnerships, or rebranding.

Video Script: Audio visual information is way more potent that just plain text. Every video made is telling a story and to produce a great story, you have to know the nuances of video script writing. From ideation to script writing, we cover it all.

Business Writing: Business writing can be in a lot of forms such as informational, instructional, transactional, or persuasive, all of which are written to elicit a business reply. Master each one of these with our professional business writing training.

E-mails: Learn how to craft potent e-mails for your customers that can intrigue them enough to visit your website.

There are a whole lot of other trainings we offer, some of which include Social Media writing for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and other platforms. Each one of these is unique in its own way in attracting customers and making your brand’s mark. Our courses are customized to meet your requirements and delivered online by industry experts, experiences journalists and trainers of mass communications from international universities.

Content Writing Training Checklist:

Mastering web content writing.
Writing articles, blogs, and web pages.
Business listings, academic writing, and e-book writing.
Writing ad copy, product descriptions, and press releases
Online, customized sessions by International trainers.